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Bashing Rule Uni Grand
Autor Wiadomość

Dołączył: 24 Cze 2008
Posty: 15
Wysłany: |28 Gru 2015|, o 21:53   Bashing Rule Uni Grand

Hello Together,

can anybody tell me the rules for bashing in Universe Grand?

Is there a maximum amount of attacks on a single planet or something like that?

best regards
Administrator Gry

Dołączył: 22 Paź 2013
Posty: 1459
Wysłany: |28 Gru 2015|, o 21:57   

5. Bashing

The principle of bashing prevents too frequent attack one planet / moon by the same player. More than 9 attacks on planet / moon in one day (from 0:00 to 24:00) will be defined as Bash and punished. This rule does not apply to attacks on the account "banned" and attacks on inactive accounts.
After sending the fourth attack on the same planet every play must wait 1 hour to send an additional 5 ataków.Niedotrzymanie this rule will be treated as Bashing extreme and punished.

The principle of "bash" also includes the mission to "destroy" - as before the actual destruction of the Death Star moon rolls "normal" battle, otherwise it is a different (but also) the form of attacking another player's account.

NEW !!! : Each player must destroy only 3 moons one player by the same attacking player during the day from 00.00 to 24.00

5.1. Bash does not apply to:

- Rocket attacks.

- Enemy planes shot down spy probes. (Unless there has been unreasonable, multiplied attacking these probes - determine the permissible number of such "victories" on 10 - for every planet / moon the player, by the same spy, per day)

- Attackers fleets, which were completely destroyed, unless there was a so-called 'spam' attacks. (The "spam" is considered here all attacks above established at a point above the sum of 10 of those victories fleets / probes to every planet one player per day - by the same person)
The definition of "spam" will always be analyzed separately for each case by the Administrator uni, and its settlement on this topic will be final and indisputable, regardless of the amount of the penalty or its braku.Nie they will also serve as a precedent in the resolution of other similar cases.

- Battles between members of alliances that are at war. However, the war must be terminated at the forum of the game according to the rules of war for 12 hours before the onset of frequent attacks. On the outer side of the alliance must bear undeclared war with link (link) to an appropriate theme for the Forum Ugameli. The topic declaration of war, the names of both alliances must be replaced properly. Declaration of war can be directed only against alliances rather than individual players. The adoption of a declaration of war is not required to launch it.

Dołączył: 24 Cze 2008
Posty: 15
Wysłany: |29 Gru 2015|, o 07:58   

thx :-)
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